Quality Management System


                                  er9001                                                               ISO14001


Policy of the integrated quality and environment system

The direction of PLAZA FARMALOGIC SL, Assumes the utmost responsibility in the planning, implementation and development of the quality management system and environment of the company.

The Organization PLAZA FARMALOGIC Sl, With the approval of direction, It adopts the commitment to establish the means of management, procedures, good practices, etc., pTo achieve the continuous improvement of the management system of quality and Environmental.

FARMALOGIC Square SlFrom Its creation is an organization dedicated to giving integral solutions of Purchase of medicines and sanitary products As To business organizations, applying new systems installation and maintenance technologies  Of High level, designed to develop, improve and enhance the safety and well-being of our customers/UsersAs well as caring for the environment in all its operating processes. Environment

The direction of PLAZA FARMALOGIC SL, aware of the importance of satisfying the requirements, needs and expectations of its customers/users, has developed and implemented a quality management system and environment According to the ISO 9001 regulations-ISO 14001, Which is based on the following principles:

  • Offer high quality solutions and services that meet the needs of our customers/users.
  • Enhance innovation to provide our customers/users with efficient and high-availability resources and services.
  • To create a working environment consistent with the promotion of quality through the training and motivation of the Organization's human resources.
  • To carry out the activities in such a way as to minimise the environmental impacts associated with their processes, facilities, products and services through the rational use of resources and the minimization of waste.
  • comply with the regulations and legislation applicable to the drug sector and the distribution of sanitary material in general.
  • To maintain the commitment of continuous improvement and creation of innovative services that contribute value to our clients/users.
  • Paying particular attention to the protection of workers, the environment and the general public.
  • Commitment to maintain the efficiency of the management system, as well as the commitment to the management and risk control of the aforementioned quality standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001.
  • With the approach that this policy is appropriate to the parameters established by the organization, it will be the framework of reference for establishing and revising the objectives of quality and environment.
  • The Directorate approves and supports this policy and will assume the necessary resources for its follow-up, review and improvement actions aimed at its implementation.

This policy is signed by The address, and it is Order of The same To be distributed and made known, Exhibiéndola in the Places destined for this purpose For general knowledge of all whats that make up the organization, even include it on the organization's website for everyone's knowledge.

In order to ensure the achievement of the objectives of this policy, the company is committed to complying with all the defined aspects Both In the system of Quality and Environmental management, such as compliance with all applicable legal requirements and other requirements, to the prevention of pollution  and to equip, to the extent possible, the means and resources necessary for their procurement in a way that will encourage the development of an attitude of awareness among the staff through appropriate training and information, acting on the Behaviors,  Making available to the people, the necessary means and resources.

In conclusion, to declare that the policy is subject to periodic review in order to try to,  Improve it and adapt it to the chronological and cyclical circumstances of each moment.

Zaragoza to 1 Of January of 2018